Sunday, April 12, 2009

About the blog title

I spent the first three months of 2008 in Central Mexico assisting a missionary with building projects. Churches from the states that support him would send down teams for one week at a time to help local churches with different projects, most of which were roofing jobs. If you ever spend time in an evangelical church in Mexico there are two phrases in Spanish you are sure to learn: Cristo Vive and Dios te Bendiga. 'Dios te Bendiga' is 'God Bless You', and 'Cristo Vive' is 'Christ Lives'. Far from being simple church rhetoric, Cristo Vive carries with it all their hope as believers and is a word of exhortation to everyone gathered in the small adobe building. Such a simple statement contains so much weighty truth. No philosophy, religion, or worldview of man can comprehend a God who became man, identified with the lowly, poor, and sick, was crucified by His enemies, and worst of all was punished by God for the sins of His followers- past, present, and future. It would seem Christianity is a pathetic religion. Famous atheist Richard Dawkins seems to think that a crucified man is not worthy of the grandeur that religion is supposed to evoke in its adherents. If the story of Jesus, the peasant-Nazarene who claimed to be God, ended there, perhaps I would have to agree. Happy Easter brothers and sisters, and remember- Cristo Vive!

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